Camp Poppasquaw

Registration Info

Please Read

Where you can register your child for Camp Poppasquaw

  • Camp registration packets available for pick up outside at the Quinta-Gamelin Community Center (101 Asylum Rd.)


Registrations Must Have

  • 2 PROOFS OF RESIDENCY (utility bills, most recent tax bill, etc.)

BIRTH CERTIFICATE (if 1st year at Camp Poppasquaw)

  • Attach copies to completed registration packets


  • Email or Text images of proofs of residency and birth certificate to (please put your camper’s name in the subject line)
  • Camp Fee (Checks or Credit Card ONLY)
    • Checks (made out to Bristol Parks & Recreation)
    • Credit Card (by phone only, Please call 253-1611 from 8am-5pm)    
    • ALL Forms and Waivers must be complete and legible
    • Registrations are not considered complete until all requested forms and payment in full has been received. 

How to submit your Camp Registration

  • Paper registration forms, waivers, proofs of residency, birth certificate (if 1st yr) and full payment can be left in the secure drop box outside of the Quinta-Gamelin Community Center (101 Asylum Rd.) during and after office hours.



  • Incomplete submissions will be automatically rejected.  The Town reserves the right to grant exception of this policy on a case by case basis.
  • The Town will dismiss a child from Camp Poppasquaw with forfeiture of payment if it is determined at a later date that any information provided on the registration form was misleading or falsified. 
  • The Bristol Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to close out the camp registrations before or after the June 19th deadline.
  • Town, State and CDC Guidelines will be followed at Camp Poppasquaw
  • Camp Poppasquaw Calendar, Parent Handbooks, Drop-off/ Pick-Up Locations and any additional information will be sent out prior to the start of Camp on July 7th 

Please call us with any questions 401-253-1611