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Facility Use Permit

  1. A separate form must be filled out for each facility being requested. i.e. If you are looking to book the conference room & soccer field a, please fill out one for the conference room & one for soccer field a.

  2. All activities must end by 10:00pm. A Parking fee will be charged when the Town Beach booth is open. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Town property without Town Council approval. All areas must to left in the same or better condition as when you found it. Both indoors and outdoors

  3. Payment must be received 2 weeks prior to event or space will be forfeited.

  4. THE DIRECTOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CLOSE ANY FIELD DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS. Trash and Recyclables – As condition of facility use, all trash and recyclables must be collected by the user according to the following Town Ordinance. Sec. 24-118. - Licensed public events and festivals. Commencing on January 1, 2016, the town requires the separation of trash and recyclable materials as a condition of licensing or authorizing public events at which solid waste may be generated. The organization and/or individual requesting to use the town’s facilities is required to collect all trash and recyclables and place them in the appropriate containers located at the park. In the event these requirements are not met, the Bristol Parks & Recreation Department may withhold reimbursement of your deposit. *All activities will end by 10:00pm * PARKING FEE WILL BE CHARGED DURING TIMES THAT THE BOOTH IS OPEN. *PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT OR SPACE WILL BE FORFEITED.

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  7. Town Beach & Sports Complex

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  8. Town Common Fields & Courts

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  9. You must fill out a section for each date being requested. Must be exact dates and times - No "blanket" times will be accepted.

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