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Volunteer Membership Application

  1. Fill out the information completely and accurately as possible

  2. Check your area of Interest

  3. Emergency Medical Services

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  4. Firefighting

  5. U.S Citizen*

  6. Type of Phone*

  7. Have you ever applied to a fire department?*

  8. Have you been convicted of any crime?*

  9. Please describe

  10. No experience necessary, however list any qualifications you may have related to fire & EMS

  11. Has your EMS license or certification ever been revoked or suspended in any way?

  12. Include name, address, and telephone number for each reference

  13. The next step in the process will require all interested persons to submit a copy of a photo ID and complete an authorization for background investigation to be conducted by the Bristol Police Department. This will be completed after the initial screening process.

  14. Please upload a copy of your driver's license for background check

  15. Please upload any credentials or certificates that may aid in the application process, such as EMT license or firefighting training

  16. Please complete and sign prior to submission

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