Tips to prevent package thefts

The Bristol Police Department wants to provide helpful information  to our residents and visitors in order to protect themselves and their valuables from theft.

We are encouraging residents to take steps to protect their property and deter crime by not presenting crimes of opportunity while out shopping or while at home.

To Reduce Thefts from Vehicles:

Close all windows, and lock all doors on your vehicles. Do not leave valuables such as cell phones, GPS devices, loose change, electronics, or gifts, etc. in sight. By removing these items, you'll dramatically reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime. We also advise against leaving power point chargers, or the GPS mounting device or other electronics attached to the windshield or dashboard because this is a giveaway to would be thieves that there may be something of value in your vehicle. It is also advisable to secure large shopping bags and gifts in the trunk of the car.

To Reduce Thefts from Home:

You can take protective measures to protect your home while you are out away from home.

You can also take the following measures to protect your home in your absence:

- Lock all windows and doors.

- Leave exterior lights on, and use timers for interior lighting.

- Have a radio or television on, to give the impression that someone is in the residence.

- If you have an alarm system, activate it while you are out.

- If you are going to be traveling for an extended period of time, consider stopping the delivery of mail and newspapers; additionally the Bristol Police can make frequent checks of your home in your absence. To request checks of your home, please fill out the following form:

Reduce Thefts of packages:

Unfortunately, the theft of packages that have been delivered to homes tends to rise. Large boxes and packages have been stolen in the past when left outside by the delivery personnel. You can prevent this from happening to you by making arrangements with delivery companies to coordinate the arrival of packages.

You can request that a signature is required when the package is delivered, or you can make arrangements to have the package delivered to the company's retail outlet. Another option, have the package delivered to your place of employment. If you utilize a security camera, position it to capture the front door/porch or areas where your delivery driver usually leaves items. Your security camera should be visible to act as a visual deterrent to would be thieves.

UPS, Fed-Ex and the US Postal Service also offer free apps for your mobile devices. Once you sign up, you can manage your deliveries, track packages, and be notified when the package is going to be delivered. Additionally, in most cases, you can re-direct some shipments in the event that you will not be home when it is scheduled to be delivered. These free apps are available on both the Android and Apple platforms.

Neighborhood Participation:

The Bristol Police Department encourages active participation among residents to report suspicious activity when it is occurring. The public is a valuable partner in the prevention and the solving of crime. Therefore please take steps to be observant and contact us when you see something suspicious, such as:
- Your neighbor isn't home, but there is a strange vehicle in the driveway, a strange person is entering the home or is in the yard.
- You notice a person enter a yard and remove a package that has recently been delivered by a delivery company. Obtain the license plate and a description of the suspect if possible.
- You notice a suspicious vehicle following a delivery vehicle.

Please contact the Bristol Police Department at (401) 253-6900 to report matters that appear out of the ordinary. An officer will respond and investigate your complaint as quickly as possible.

Thank You.