Community Development Block Grant

PLEASE NOTE: The Town of Bristol Home Repair program, detailed below, will not be accepting applications until October 1, 2017.  This is a requirement of the Rhode Island Office of Housing and Community Development.  Please contact Jessica Pflaumer at 401-253-7000 ext. 129 with any questions

Bristol Home Repair Program

The Town of Bristol manages a Home Repair Program for low-moderate income residents through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.  The funds for eligible projects are provided as grants, with a 5, 10, or 15-year property lien, depending on the project amount, stating the home may not be sold within that time period.  If the home is sold within that time period, a percentage of the grant must be paid back to the Town, based on the number of years since the project was completed.

Many home repair projects are eligible for the program, including electrical upgrades, roof repair and replacement, window replacement, handicap accessibility projects, and others.  The CDBG Program Manager will determine if a project is eligible for the CDBG Home Repair Program.  Income limits are determined annually by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (find the source here).  Current HUD income limits are listed below based on household size.  In order to qualify for the Home Repair Program, the homeowner must provide household income information documenting all sources of income.

Download a Home Repair Application and Conflict of Interest form, and bring them to the Department of Community Development, 9 Court St., Bristol.  The CDBG Program Manager will determine eligibility for the program based on information received.  The Program Manager may require additional information to verify total household income.  Use this Step By Step Guide to assist you in filling out the Home Repair Application.

Once eligibility has been determined,the CDBG Program Manager will schedule an inspection with the CDBG Home Inspector and you, the homeowner.  The Inspector will provide project specifications to the Program Manager, who will send the specifications to contractors on the Preferred Contractor list for bids.  Under HUD regulations, the lowest bid will be chosen to complete the work.   

To learn more about the Town of Bristol's Home Repair Program process, read this Home Repair Operations Guide.

  1. Jessica Pflaumer

    Economic Development Coordinator
    Phone: 253-7000 ext 129

US HUD Income Limits

Income Level Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Low Income Limit $40,800 $46,600 $52,450 $58,250 $62,950 $67,600 $72,250 $76,900

Micro-Enterprise Grant Program

The Town also manages a Micro-Enterprise Grant Program for qualifying business owners with 5 or fewer employees.  The Program Guidelines and application forms are available online here or in hard copy at the Department of Community Development Office.  Business owners must meet the above household income limits.  Grants may be made to eligible businesses for the purposes of capital improvements, inventory, signage, and other proposals deemed appropriate by the review committee and that are allowed by HUD regulations.