Fire Companies & Stations

  1. Hydraulion Engine & Hose Company

    Hydraulion Engine and Hose Company Number 1 were first organized on May 11, 1836 during a town meeting. The company was formally organized on July 22, 1843.

  2. Dreadnaught Hook, Ladder & Hose Company

    The Dreadnaught Hook, Ladder, and Hose Company Number 1 proudly protects 22,469 people living in an area of 10 square miles.

  3. Defiance Hose Company

    The Defiance Hose Company Number 1 was organized May 31, 1905 and remained housed on the bottom floor of a one room school house until its new, and present quarters, were occupied in April 1929.

  4. Ever-Ready Engine & Hose Company

    The Ever-Ready Engine and Hose Company Number 2 was founded on May 24, 1924.