Lost & Found

To report a lost or found pet in Bristol, please contact the shelter at 401-253-4834. After speaking with an Animal Control Officer, please contact the Friends of the Bristol Animal Shelter.

Information to Include

Please include as much of the following as possible:
  • Recent photo of pet
  • Name of pet
  • Gender
  • Breed
  • Description of the fur; long or short haired, color, or any identifying markings
  • Is he/she neutered or spayed
  • Is he/she wearing a collar; if yes, color
  • Are there any tags on the collar; if yes kind and do they contain your contact information
  • For cats: is he/she declawed; if yes, fronts only or fronts and backs
  • Last seen location; make sure to include as much info as possible: street names, direction of travel, town/city, and state
  • Length the pet has been missing
  • Any additional information you feel may be relevant
  • Way to contact you if someone sees the pet or has them; we recommend phone number or email address
Other Ways to Help
The following is a list of additional ways to help you find your missing pet:
  • Call local shelters and vet offices and report your pet missing.
  • Check with your neighbors for sightings and notify them of your missing pet. Especially in the winter time, if you are missing a cat, have your neighbors check their garages and sheds.
  • Place posters of your pet with your contact information and the shelter’s contact information around your neighborhood.
  • Call your local paper and have them post your missing pet in the lost and found section of the classifieds.
  • Post your missing pet on Facebook to Rhode Island Lost Pets